My dream makeup room 

Hi Loves!! Welcome Back!! I think all women since childhood have the dream of having a make-up room. This is one of my dreams until today and I hope to make it happen quickly. I leave here some inspirations that I took from my pinterest and ikea, I hope you like it.   Stool (ikea)… Continue reading My dream makeup room 

3 makeup of Selena Gomez

Hi, welcome back! Today I’m going to share with you 3 makeup of Selena Gomez, she is an American singer and actress, she is 24 years old, I like her makeup and haircuts.   Summer makeup, with rose smoky eyes, eyeliner and false eyelashes, i love this makeup.   Very dramatic makeup, a big eyeliner, without eyeshadow and a matte… Continue reading 3 makeup of Selena Gomez