July favourites | 2017

Hi loves!! Beauty Lipstick – Primark PSLip paint – L'Oréal 211Lip cream – NYX SMLC 02 Face Concealer – Avon MARK fairFoundation – Maybelline FIT ME 130Day cream – Nivea Hair UV protection spray – Pantene Dry ends serum – Avon daily shine Nails Gold – kiko Milano 57Grey – Avon Mark Jewelry Pandora Music… Continue reading July favourites | 2017

My everyday makeup

Hi loves, Today I come to share with you the makeup that I do every day, the makeup is very simple and easy.   I start with the primer of KiKO MILANO   Then I put my foundation of MAYBELLINE and the concealer of AVON     I use the MAYBELLINE palette, i use this palette because she have… Continue reading My everyday makeup

What’s in my makeup bagΒ 

Hi loves !! Welcome back  I love talking about makeup, today i’m going to share with you what i have in my makeup bag that i carry every day in my personal bag.  I only have the basics and the ensesesial in my makeup bag. I hope you like it. Makeup bag This is my… Continue reading What’s in my makeup bagΒ 

10 things you don’t know about me

1. I was born in Portugal. 2. I love Netflix. 3. My mom is my best friend. 4. My favorite lipstick brand is NYX. Liked to travel to Greece. I live with my boyfriend in England. I have the marketing and advertising course. I have anxiety problems. I want to have a pug or a… Continue reading 10 things you don’t know about me